Fertility Healing

Fertility Healing

The ability to conceive is an increasingly common problem in today’s society, as perhaps one in six couples fails to conceive. Fertility healing takes place over a number of weeks (usually 1 session per week), utilising a variety of healing modalities to help you source the reason for your fertility issue. Each client is different and will have different needs, but it is more than likely that you will require a course of treatments over 1-2 months to communicate effectively to the body, mind and spirit that you are ready to conceive.

You will experience one to one therapy sessions designed to connect you with your body and clear any blocks, either emotional or physical. The other essential area covered is relaxation, as in almost every case women will be in a stressed state, either emotionally or physically whilst trying to conceive…so receiving Holistic Body Treatments to enhance your chances of conception is essential. You will also be advised on your diet and how to rebalance all aspects of your life to aid your conception. My work in this area varies and I never use the same healing methods twice as each client is different, and you will receive a tailor made treatment course. Each therapy provided during the course of treatments can be used in conjunction with IVF and other medical intervention.

I believe that it is vital as parents that we begin our own journey of healing, and to release the old thoughts and patterns inherent within us, therefore enabling us to provide a better future for our children. It is vital to make mothers of the future clearer and brighter vessels, aiding their fertility in mind body and spirit, and helping them to be conscious parents.

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