A range of treatments to focus on both the Physical body and the Mind.  Also a range of Energetic Healing Modalities designed to work on all areas of Emotional, Physical and Spiritual balance.

Spiritual & Healing -  Energy Healing Modalities crafted to allow you to recharge, rebalance and repair your unique energy system.  Each treatment works on a soul level, helping you to release and let go of old unwanted beliefs and attachments that may be keeping you from moving forward.

Reiki Healing
Spiritual Healing
Angel Healing
Crystal Healing

Body  - Treatments designed to relax and release physical tension in the physical body, calming the nervous system and releasing stress.

Fertility Healing
Clinical Reflexology
Swedish Body Massage
Indian Head Massage

Mind – Unique therapies designed to connect you to your powerful inner self, heal past trauma and current anxieties.  Leaving you feeling more at peace, confident and in alignment with your true purpose.

Reference Point Therapy
Time Line Therapy
Fertility Counselling

Feng Shui Consultations - Find more information on the Art of Feng Shui, and see how understanding the energies present in your home or work space can begin to change your life and focus.

Feng Shui Consultations

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