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Beginners REIKI 1 Attunement Course
Financial Investment £135.00

Reiki History
Grounding and protection
Meaning of Reiki
Sensing energy
Introduction to the Chakra
The Reiki Principles
The Reiki quickie
The degrees of Reiki
Life style
The 21 day cleansing process
How healing works
Practicing Self healing
Hand positions for healing
Contra Indications
Recommended reading list
Hatsu Rei Ho exercises

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Reiki 2 Attunement Course
Financial Investment £160.00

Three Second Degree Symbols
How to use the Symbols
Meet your Reiki Guide
Use of intention
The 7 energy bodies
Distance Healing techniques
Healing the past
Reiki and Spiritual growth
Preparing yourself
Second Degree Attunement
Healing others
Marketing & advertising
Insurance details

Basic Themes of the Reiki Master Teacher Course
Financial Investment £450.00

The Original system that Mikao Usui taught
The role of energy exercises and meditations in the original system
Experiencing energies in different ways
Using energies on yourself and others
The use of Symbols
The use of the Reiki Kotodama
The power of Intent
The potential of Intuition
Western ‘attunements’
Japanese ’empowerments’
Distant connections and self-empowerments

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