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I had been thinking about taking my Reiki Level 1 practice for a long time, but I was hesitant to jump in feet first, as I knew finding the right teacher, whom I could connect with, would be imperative to my learning. I came across Danielle's website and must have read over it thirty times before emailing her with my interest to participate in one of her beginner courses. That was 9 years ago and since that very first day of Reiki Level 1 I found a trusted mentor and now, a very good friend. Danielle is so warm and genuine in her personality and energy. She will listen when you ask a question, no matter how silly it may sound and always respond in an honest and articulate manner, Danielle has the most amazing energy and aura to spend time in; whether its for a treatment or a course, she wears her heart on her sleeve and her knowledge of holistic healing is fascinating. Danielle has been my teacher through Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 and recently guided me through my Reiki Master's Teaching Degree, alongside numerous treatments such as reiki and reflexology. She is the most wonderful, creative empath and I adore every minute I spend in her company, especially when she realigns my crunchy shoulders from painting all day!.
S.F (Liverpool)

I came to Danielle after a traumatic few years, I had lost my Mum to Cancer and was fighting a fertility battle as well as being in the midst of grief. I was looking for a quick fix and thought Reiki might be the answer. However what I found was much more profound and meaningful. Danielle not only provided powerful healing but I found myself opening up and allowing Danielle to guide me through self healing. My self awareness and self love was raised and I started to truly be kind to myself and understand what was holding me back.

Danielle is a true Spiritual Teacher, she has taught me how to be present, live in peace and calmness and to work with my dark shadows so I can see and work with the light. Her sessions make me feel grounded and whole, giving me the confidence and ability to move forward and not live in the past. Her understanding and knowledge is awe inspiring and I continue to learn from Danielle at each session which enables me to understand myself more. Her ability to heal is immense and I trust her implicitly. Thank you, Danielle for sharing your special gifts as a healer.
S.F. (Liverpool)

After relocating to Liverpool I was keen to find someone to speak to holistically to help settle back down. I instantly felt comfortable to open up to Danielle as she listened and understood my thoughts and emotions. She made things make sense which gave a great sense of reassurance. I like to have treatments with Danielle such as reflexology for some self TLC, but will also turn to her for reiki and someone to talk to if I’m struggling with my emotions/ stress or feeling a little lost. I always have a sense of cosiness when visiting and leave with a feeling of calmness.
B.S (Liverpool)

I found Danielle’s Feng Shui truly holistic, helping to unblock negative energy not just from my home but various aspects of life corresponding to the areas highlighted in my report. So much so, I’ve had assessments on my two subsequent house moves! Highly recommend Danielle for her personalised and professional approach, which makes realistic suggestions in line with your own tastes, preferences and budget.
L.E.( Southport)

"In recent years things hadn't been going as well as I planned and my daughter’s health was suffering quite badly which was really a huge worry to me. I knew Danielle from when our daughters were young and then came across her again when a friend recommended her services to see if there was anything she could do to help with my concerns. Well, I wish I had done it sooner! Danielle has breathed a new lease of life into what was a house that we now call a home. She has enabled me to see with clarity how things have been having an effect on our lives and has given me endless suggestions on how to rectify, some things were just small inexpensive things that I implemented quickly. I was doubtful, hesitant and thought it was all a bit of Woo Woo to be honest but I was clutching at straws with my daughters health, I was willing to try anything to help end the sickness for her.

During the initial consultation Danielle was comfortable being at our home and was flexible with time which made it much easier for us with having lots of commitments, and within a couple of days she returned with a detailed diagram to show us and explain what everything is and should be like.
The biggest and best thing for me with Danielle is the ongoing support she has given me when I have been in any doubt of what I should do, she has been there to confirm if what I am doing is correct or not. Danielle is the perfect person to work with as I felt that she took on board everything I told her and she supported all of my individual concerns and needs. When I feel proud that I have taken action from her advice and I share it with her, she also feels it too!!

Because of Danielle, Feng Shui has become a way of life now and a new way of thinking when I truly never believed in anything like this. She has given us hope and motivation. I tell everyone I can the positive effect it has had on us and I will be consulting Danielle in the future with all of the new ventures.
My daughter illnesses are now managed with medication and she is settled, happy and focused on following her dreams so perfect all round experience for me "
A.C. (Liverpool)

I've been going to Danielle for a few years now for different therapies. My first was a reiki session, I hadn't had this before and was feeling anxious. Danielle talked it through with me advising on how I could/would feel. It was amazing and it is surprising how you feel afterwards. Danielle told me what she felt I was carrying in my emotional body whilst carrying out the reiki, and she was spot on. Danielle wants to know how you're feeling before any therapy she does, it’s not a case of getting you in, doing the session then rushing you out. She cares for her client's wellbeing.
A.D (Lancashire)

I have been having treatments with Danielle for a couple of years now. Her professionalism, calmness and experienced hand means that although I generally go to have treatment for one reason, I always come away with so many more things feeling better. The cleanliness and privacy of the treatment room is perfect. It's always good to see a warm and friendly face too. Danielle also worked with my dog after a spinal stroke, this really helped him shift some of the blockages that were there following hind leg paralysis. She's so calm, he was flat out and fully relaxed afterwards. I would highly recommend her for some serious self-care.
K.S (Liverpool)

I love my weekly sessions with Danielle, I always leave feeling peaceful yet uplifted & hopeful and having gained a sense of clarity. Danielle has helped me energetically, physically & even supported my future career goals & dreams! She has been a true beacon of light, thank you for everything.
J.M. (Liverpool)

"I am a holistic therapist and Reiki Master. I have had various treatments from Danielle. She is highly skilled and thorough in her work ethic. I find her to be kind, thoughtful and a lovely person. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking for an exceptional experience of healing and relaxation"
Love and light xx
W.B. (Liverpool)

I came across Danielle when I was looking for a gift voucher for my friend and after her positive recommendations I’ve booked an appointment for Reiki. From the first meeting Danielle made me feel comfortable and created a space where I was able to relax and share how I feel. I’ve been having Reiki ever since, and I have returned to Danielle a lot of times whilst in crisis, or when I was feeling lost and stuck. She is very intuitive and the treatment feels amazing. After Reiki I always feel a huge relief and sense of calmness. Just what I need and at each time Danielle gives me valuable advice. I would highly recommend her.
G.S (Liverpool)

My experience with Danielle has been really great. I received Reiki from her, and can honestly say that after the session I felt ready to face the world again. If I was able to do it every week I would do it. Her intuitive advice is always spot on, and it is helping me in my current situation, thank you Danielle.
L.R (Liverpool)

Danielle was recommended to me through a friend for me to start my Reiki journey. I have done level 1 right through to my Reiki Masters with her. I have always found her to be warm, genuine, professional and gentle. She has offered me so much support these past few years, nothing is too much for her. She is an absolutely gorgeous soul and the perfect Reiki master for me! Highly recommended!
A.S. (Wirral)

The best thing I ever did was find Danielle & I am lucky enough to see her every month!! From the moment I met Danielle I immediately felt at ease & comfortable. I am open & honest about my feelings & in return Danielle is open & honest with me. Danielle has given me an enormous amount of advice & support to which I am eternally grateful for. I have Reiki & Angel Therapy sessions which have & continue to make a positive impact on my physical & mental health well-being. I am able to relax & ‘switch off ‘which is something I struggle to do. I have also had reflexology sessions which are absolutely gorgeous, again my well-being has benefited greatly. Danielle is my Guardian Angel!!!
L.I. (Liverpool)

I’ve been a client of Danielle’s for many years . From having Energy healing ,Chakra balancing and Clinical reflexology, all of which are amazing !! Danielle has helped me through so many challenging times . From the moment you enter the room she makes you feel so relaxed and at ease and has the most beautiful presence .
L.L. (Liverpool)

I’m so pleased one of the school mums passed on Danielle’s number to me. I’ve been to her for Reiki and counselling. I can honestly say I was blown away. Can’t wait to get booked in for reflexology. I’ve given Danielle’s number to three friends, who have also been extremely impressed.
A.A. (Liverpool)

I had Feng shui with Danielle last year when I was ready to do some changes in my home.
I needed to change my living room (Relationship Area) to water and metal in other places. As soon as the blue curtains went up I could feel the energy change immediately. It’s now so much more comfortable. It has of course improved my relationships.
I still have a bit more work to do in the house. Danielle has supported me by helping my choice with colours and recommendations for suppliers and workers. She is always happy to answer my questions. I highly recommend her to all of my friends.

E.M. (Liverpool)

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