“Let yourself be drawn by the
stronger pull of that which you truly love.”
― Rumi

Spiritual and Alternative Therapies for Liverpool

My name is Danielle O’Connell, I am an intuitive empath dedicated to assisting others in their healing process.  I  have over 20 years experience in my field and I am committed to helping others see themselves more clearly and assist their connections to their relationships and everything around them.

At my practice it is my aim to provide the space for my clients to return to, and remember a natural state of wholeness, to be in a healthy relationship with the self, the body, culture and significant others. No one aspect of the mind-body-spirit matrix has more value or importance, and connection to each can bring a deeper level of inner knowing and integration of one’s self.

Danielle O'Connell

Danielle O'Connell

Psychological conceptions of healing involve reordering an individual’s sense of position in the universe, and the definition of healing is “a process in the service of the evolution of the whole personality towards ever greater and more complex wholeness”.

I feel blessed to have the intuitive ability to help people connect back to themselves, and I have spent many years studying many techniques to enable this process. Every client is different and needs a varied approach, which is why I continue to work to provide a diverse range of therapies, both ancient and modern.

Appointments are available in person & online.



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